• May. Car Day Gwangju Mayor's citation
  • Oct. Selection of Innovative Prototypes by Procurement Agency
  • Oct. Hand design selection (NRCB200)
  • Jun. Gwangju International iot Robot Exhibition (Kim Dae-jung Convention) exhibition.
  • Jun. NRCB 200 CE certification
  • May. Development of a New Scale Model for NRCB 200
  • Apr. Singapore Export (3rd Generation)
  • Apr. DCG-RCB200 CE certification


  • Dec. Register road cleaner design (Europe)
  • Dec. Exports to China (2 units)
  • Nov. the opening ceremony of completion
  • Sep. Patent registration for walking intelligent robot cleaning devices (Singapore)
  • Sep. Malaysia Export (2 units)
  • Sep. Patent registration for Robot Systems supporting police work
  • May. Presidential citation for Invent Day


  • Dec. Trade, Industry and Energy Minister's Statement
  • Oct. Turkish exports (12 units)
  • Jul. Singapore Export (9)
  • Jul. Public Procurement Agency Venture Country Registration
  • Jun. Selection of a new sprout company by the Public Procurement Service
  • May. Acquiring KC Safety Certification
  • Mar. Selected as IPStar Company by Patent Office


  • Dec. Concluding the export MOU for surface vacuum cleaners to Singapore
  • Nov. Preferred purchase selection confirmed by the Korea Inventions Promotion Association
  • May. Selection of superior design by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy


  • Nov. Korean Intellectual Property Office Inventions Patent Competition Silver Award
  • Nov. Signing an MOU with Singapore AJ Jetting Co.
  • Oct. Gwangju Youth Startup Festival Gwangju Wide Market Award
  • Jun. Confirmation of Venture Business (No.20150106158)
  • Apr. Gold Medal at Geneva International Inventions Exhibition in Switzerland


  • Dec. ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification, ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System Certification
  • Dec. Certification of the target companies for the development of Gwangju Technopark
  • Nov. 2014 Creative Economy Expo (KOX)
  • Aug. Gwangju/Jeonnam Real Leaks Winner of Startup Competition
  • Jan. Mass-production and sale of three types of floor-cleaning equipment


  • Dec. Factory Establishment and Registration
  • May. Accreditation of the Corporate Institute (No.2013114909)
  • Jun. Confirmation of venture business (No.201301005196
  • May. Establishment of Corporation (stock company Dream CNG)